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Legal Mentions

The RSS Monitoring application is published by SARL VIEDOC
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Represented by: Bruno Galimand, CEO, editorial and publication director. This website is hosted by the OVH Company which headquarters are located 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.


The website is a portal and a directory referencing rss feeds and websites selected as a source of information for an audience of professionals in the field. Thus, the website as a host for the purposes of the Article 6 of the 2004-575 law of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy (LCEN), has the restrictive purpose of to centralize and diplays news using RSS reader software programs that convert raw stream and create a more pleasant and friendly reading interface for the user, only the original information source have full control of the content of its feed.

Therefore Viedoc accepts no liability with regard to the content of these articles, automatically routed to the intended directory and on which it did not carry out specific editorial control (article by article) subsequent to its acceptance, having initially controlled the relevance the source at a specific time. Text information and images displayed through the RSS feed belong entirely to their respective owners, which can be reached through the websites mentioned on the site. In return, this website agrees not to modify, adapt, or alter the contents of extracted RSS feeds in any way.

Any publisher who will recognize the presence of its own content displayed on the website may ask for the unconditional and immediate withdrawal, except in unusual circumstances such as a technical problem or/and force majeure*.

Similarly, Viedoc retains the right to terminate the exposure of any RSS feeds without notice provided an apparent change in the nature of its content that is judged inappropriate or contrary to its initial selection criteria.

*Removing within 24 hours if requested outside office hours (WE), in case of unavailability of an operator to perform this withdrawal, transient or permanent technical failure of the website or web host or any related difficulty accessing RSS feeds of this site and force majeure (as usually recognized by French jurisprudence sense).

This website made the object of a declaration to the CNIL, id rpZ1890829q on August, 12, 2016.

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